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We are a relatively new company, just breaking away from a larger organization, but we've got a combined total of 30+ years training dogs. We are all about finding historical human remains, as old as 9000 years! Our specially trained dogs are a non-invasive search tool to locate human remains. We raise and train our dogs for this work ourselves - they are our forever dogs too!

Our specially trained dogs are able to locate and alert on historic human remains - really old burials, whether it's a single bone or fully articulated remains. First Nations burials, pioneer graves and burials, human bone recognition, and other missing or unmarked burials.

We have located burials as old as 9,000 years old (carbon dated) and as deep as 9-10 feet. The US Army Corps of Engineers has done a study on what and how our dogs do this, and even suggested the best ways to utilize these specialized dogs. Click here to read the study. We have worked for some well known companies - National Geographic Society, KB Homes, and many, many Indian Tribes all over the United States.

We offers our services to Indian Tribes around the world, Cultural Resource Management firms, Archaeologists, Historical and Heritage Cemetery organizations, Historical Preservation organizations, Pioneer Historical organizations, Builders, Developers, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Federal, State, County, and City Agencies.

We strive to provide our canine search services so that the interests of all people are met in the protection of their ancestors and ancestoral burial sites around the world.

We continue to work on offering several workshops to evaluate and train your dog to become an HHRD Search & Recovery dog. We also will be offering K9FF Testing and Certification using independent outside evaluators. Just watch this space for Workshop offerings. 



Dan Merrifield

WA State SAR Planning Unit
Snohomish Co. Operation Support Unit
Mason Co. K9 SAR
Cascadia Search Dogs
Canine Forensics Foundation HHRD
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Dan and Belle - First HHRDD Certification Dan and Belle in the snow
Belle's HHRD Certification Test - Nailed it!   ||  Working in the snow near  Mt. Rainier

Suzanne Elshult

Past President, Cascadia Search Dogs, M.A., KPA CP
Human Remains Detection K9 Handler, HHRD - Canine Forensics Foundation and
HRD - Mason County SAR
Award-Winning Author|Speaker|Transformational Coach|K9 Handler/Trainer
A DOG'S DEVOTION: True Adventures of a K9 Search and Rescue Team/Lyons Press/
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Suzanne and Keb Keb Keb working with Suzanne                          || Such an honor - SAR Hero Dog 2022! So proud!
Suzanne and Kili
Kili's HHRD Certification Test - He nailed it!